Welcome to ZHS Red Rooster4

The Red Roosters (AKA) Red hens is an organization of science - band teachers at Zun High School, Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. We try to provide our students with projects that we hope will interest them.  Our student population is approx 99.8 percent native-americans, with the balance being teacher children. Like most schools in New Mexico, our budgets allow for very little student extra programs.  We have been very fortunate to have the backing of the Skulnick Foundation supporting our projects.  They have been most generous in their encouragement and financial support.  

There are three projects we are currently involved with, they are:

Unfortunately, it appears that that the program will not last much longer.

Activities Projects Zuni Pueblo

Deep Sky - Images taken at school
Zuni Honey  - Information about the only high school that has an
apiary program in New Mexico.  
Astronomy information

Zuni Pueblo is located on the Zuni Indian Reservation 40 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico.  We are 12 miles from the Arizona state line on highway 53.

Last update:  Ongoing - Throughout the school year.