Deep Sky
NGC 4736

Spiral galaxy
Constellation : Canes Venatici
This galacy was first observed by Pierre Mechain back in 1781, and then catalogued by Messier just a few days later.  
Some astronomers described it as being a barred spiral, as opposed to just spiral, but after a few drinks who really cares….. anyway some think the ‘bar’ is more oval-shaped, but that’s a call others, at a higher pay grade, need to make the call.
M94 has both an inner and outer ring.  The inner is approx 70” is the more active star forming area and known by those in the know, as a ‘starbirst’ ring.  It seems that the bar or oval center drives the outward to continue forming new stars. 
The outer being some 600” is also active but only contains some 23% of the total stellar mass and contributes about 10% of the new stars.  This galaxy is approx  16 million light-years away from earth.
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Date: 03-12-13