Deep Sky

 Great Orion Nebula

Is considered a diffused nebula and on a dark night is visible to the naked eye.  I don't know how naked the eye has to be but I sure have not seen it! It is only 1,344 light years away, and roughly 24 light years across.  As you can see, it has turbulant and intense motions in the gas.  There is a young open cluster, known as the Trapenzium, primarly four stars - there two addional stars not quite as bright that make up this cluster . Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Periresc in 1610.  This image is a stack of 40, at 15 sec. using the equipment on the index page.

Part of the 'Running Man' is located to the upper right side of the image.  Will have to capture this one another time.

Visiting an old friend

Date: 27 Dec 11
Images - 70- 20 Second stacked
Place: Zuni High School, NM