Deep Sky

Dumbell Nebula
This planetary nebula is one of the brightest in the sky and can be seen in the constellation Vulpecula with binoculars.  It takes approx 1000 years for light to reach us from M27.  
This is a planetary nebula, and for all of you interested, this is the type of nebula our sun will produce when nuclear furnace turns off.  This star had grown into a red giant, and sluffing off layers of gas and has now reached a point where there is a white dwarf in the center. The dumbbell is one of the brightest nebulae of this type in the sky,, that is visible with binoculars if you point them towards the constellation Vulpecula (Fox).   The blue and red are the colors from hydrogen and oxygen.  Perhaps, an astronomer some 1000 light-years away, some billions of years from now will look into the heavens and record our nebula.  Be something to see.
If you would like to see an impressive image of M27, visit Bill Snyder web site.
This has to be one of my favorates.