Deep Sky

Triangulum Galaxy
This spiral galaxy is approx 3 million light-years from us.   It is the 3rd largest member of our
local group with a 50,000 light-year diameter, according to Wikipedia, under good conditions one can see this galaxy without a
telescope or binoculars.  (Well, that is probably true for younger eyes than mine or Kurts.)  It
also states that M33 is considered a sky mark on the Bortie Dark-Sky Scale.  As it is a diffused
object, it is strongly affected even by a little bit of light pollution.

My Italian brother Giovanni Batista Hodiema probably discovered it back in 1654, with a follow up
by our dude Messier in 1764.  The general consenses is that this galaxy is made up of some 40 billion
We had an especially nice night to image
and I am very pleased with how this one came out. As I am looking up information on M33, I've become more
fascinated by it.  As you will notice, two areas were there is
'pink', the far right side is a nebula NGC604.  Youtube has an interesting video as well on NGC604.

30 images
20 sec
date: 11-13-12