Deep Sky

Elliptical Galaxy
Constellation:  Virgo
Johann G. Koehler discovered this galaxy in 1779 along with its neighbor M59 while he was trying to hunt down a comet in the same area.   Our guy Messier listed them both in his catalog shortly after their discovery. 
Initially, astronomers felt that there were gravitational interactions because both 59 & 60 were so close together, the only problem was that there appeared to be no interactions.  Thoughts were that they only appeared to be close as viewed from earth.   This was the belief until the Hubble Space Telescope showed there were some indications of tidal interactions and maybe it has just begun.
You will see M60 in our M59, I guess we could have just said that but, what the heck. A separate image talking just about the two seems to be in order.
15 images stacked
10 sec