Deep Sky
NGC 6637

Globular Cluster
Constellation:  Sagittarius
This hunk of love was discovered by our main man Charles Messier in 1780, specifically August 31.  Which, by the way, was the same night he discovered M70.  Interesting enough, he was trying to verify the object that LaCaille had described back in 1751-2.  We’re not sure if LaCaille had actually described this globular cluster or not.
M69 is some 29,700 light-years from earth with a spatial radius of some 42 light-years.  Another claim-to-fame for this guy is the fact that it is one of the most metal-rich globulars we have come across.  Also, there are only 1,800 light-years separating M69 and its neighbor M70. (Not too surprisingly they were both discovered the same night.)  Both of these globular clusters lie close to our Milky Way center. 
10 images stacked
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