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Located in the Constellation Virgo, it is a elliptical galaxy, discovered by Messier on Mar 18, 1781.  M89 is pretty cool,  observations show that it may be nearly perfectly spherical. Some say that it may just appear that way to an observer from earth, and for an astronomer some other place may be elliptical. Astronomers also think that M89 has between 2,000 +- 700 globluar clusters compared to our Milky Way with a wimpy 150-200.  Lastly, with all the gas and dust extending some 150,000 light-years and heated particle jets that extend some 100,000 light-years outwards.  M89 may have once been an active quasar or radio galaxy.  Not bad for a dude some 50 million light-years from earth.  Rock on M89! 

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