Deep Sky
NGC 6341

Globular Cluster
Constellation:  Hercules
Initially discovered by Johann Elert Bode in 1777, it was ‘rediscovered’ by Messier in 1781, where it was entered into the catalogue.  It is one of the brighter globulars in our northern hemisphere, but looses amateur astronomers because of its more popular prom dates, M13. 
Known to be one of the oldest clusters, it has an apparent magnitude of +6.3 and capable of seeing with the naked eye under very good conditions.   Astronomers have put M92 at between 14.2 + or – 1.2 billion years old.  Not too shabby for an old guy!  NASA, has  a super image of this cluster and a comet, as a Picture of the day, named Garradd, you may wish to take a look, and additionally, the image was taken here in New Mexico.

15 images stacked
10 sec