Deep Sky
Globular cluster

Constellation: Scorpius
As you can see, this is a small cluster, not too much to say about it other than its location relative to earth.  The cluster is some 28,000 light-years from earth. 
The top image I've filtered out the red cloud from Antaries so you could get a better look at it.
The 600 lb gurellia in this image is Antaries.  Antaries aka 'the heart of the scorpion' is some 550 light-years from us.  A super giant, it is some 850 times the diameter of our sun.  This bad boy is 15 times more massive and 10,000 times brighter as well. 
Antaries is sluffing off material and I wanted you to be able to see some of it.

20 images stacked
20 sec