Deep Sky
Saturn Nebula

Planetary Nebula
Constellation Aquarius
As the name implies, this one sort of has the saturn, oblong shape with just a touch of greenish-yellowish hue. While it is not really very impressive here with our 8 inch telescope, it is muchmore so from the images that the Hubble took with it. (

Our boy William Herschel came across this emerald back in 1782.  However, it was not Herschel who gave it its name.  That was Lord Rosse, in the 1840s.  Astronomers don't know exactly how far 7009 is from earth but estimates is between 3,900 and 5,200 light-years away. 

If you see a blueish tinge to the nebula, your not just seeing things, the central star is a very hotblueish dwarf, with a 55,000K temp.  This is some 20 times the luminosity of our Sun.  Bring plenty of sun block!

20 images
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